Wednesday, April 25, 2012

beautiful day

nothing puts a spring in my step like waking to a rainy day. 
I ought to live in Seattle, right?  
rainy days are not common enough.    they are rare where I live.
I'll take any rainy day I can get.   this one was especially good, with glistening streets and places to go.


Molly said...

Becky I love pictures of roads. This one looks a good one to travel - traffic free. I like that little person standing in the distance. Maybe he's hitching a lift.

Jules said...

This reminds me of a couple of 'one- laner' underpasses here. Thought this looks like a narrow two lanes.
Thanks for your visit and nice comment. Make sure that you are dressed properly when you walk in the rain - no more getting under the weather! Cheers.

Leanne said...

That piece of road looks like somewhere near where I live. If you love rain you should be here, we've had plenty over summer and Autumn's started with some huge storms.

lisa said...

I like rainy days too, but not too many of them.
However, I'd give up the cold we've been having for some rainy days anytime!!
Happy Sunday to you!