Friday, April 12, 2013

The Shoe

Star of the Show BW 219/365
Star of the Show BW 219/365
I don't know?  Do you?  She was just there....on this long expanse of fence. 
Lonely.  Begging to be taken.  So I did. 
But I think she meant "taken to", not just taken.
Guess Cinderella is still waiting.


Lisa Gordon said...

Nicely seen and captured, Susan!

Daryl said...

great find .. i have several snaps of several different pairs of dress shoes/running shoes abandoned on the street and in the park ..what's up with this 'trend'?

seabluelens said...

How odd. Looks like a nice shoe, too. I'm imagining its owner waking up in the morning, wondering what happened the night before....